MKEWk28 Yorkie Bear’s Huddle2

“Come here,” YorkieBear said to Ali-Gator and CharlieCat. “See the butterflies above they represent my thoughts and what I have been reading from Og Mandino….We need to Master Mind/huddle again!” “Do I truly know whence I came or whither I am bound?” That is an excerpt from Og Mandino ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’. […]

MKEWk27 YorkieBear’s Huddle

“Ok Ali-Gator and CharlieCat it is time to put our heads together in a huddle which is the same as an MMA. We got to come up with some workable plan to get us out of the dog house. We need to make some money to pay the speeding ticket Ali-Gator got,” said YorkieBear in […]

MKEWk26 YorkieBear’s Taxi

“Ali-Gator it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!” YorkieBear was jumping up and down like a jumping bean. “This business is going to take us to new heights! It is so exciting and I am so enthuuuuuusiatic just like Mark J. Come on Ali-Gator let me show you how we are going to do this.” “First […]

MKEWk25 YorkieBear’s Leaving?!!!

Amy said out loud, “I feel a breeze!” Her dress ruffled out around her body. Ali-Gator said, “Would you like me to close the door?” “Yes, please close the door. How did the door get open? ,” Amy replied. “YorkieBear stood on that chair, jumped up and hung on that door lever and it opened.” […]

MKEwk24 YorkieBear’s Friends

Knock, knock, knock on the front door. “YorkieBear I got up all last night and answered the door. I am busy in the kitchen just now. (She hadn’t told YorkieBear but she was preparing a simple baking soda toothpaste for brushing his teeth.) You get the door. It is probably that pesky tree branch hitting […]

MKEwk23 YorkieBear Reads

YorkieBear with his glasses on reads from Og Mandino ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’. From his mouth come, “If I persist, if I continue to try, if I continue to charge forward, I will succeed.” “Do It Now” rings in YorkieBear’s ears. “Amy here I come,” yells YorkieBear as he charges and jumps in […]

MKEwk22a YorkieBear’s Silence

“Wow that was a powerful hit,” YorkieBear sat up rubbing his forehead where the glass vase hit him. (Readers: Sometimes it takes a powerful trauma to wake us up and hopefully that has happened for YorkieBear. Time will tell.) SamSeagull flew over YorkieBear saying, “YorkieBear you are up. How can I help you? Did you […]