MKE Wk 18 Amy & Bear Anew

Not knowing what Masters Keys Experience was is a big eye opener for us. In hindsight it has been an incredible journey of unknowns that have become seen in surprising ways. From it have come new creativity, release of major unknown resentments, increase in intuition, increased happiness and more incredible peace. iceberg-1718970_640

We are as a rose blooms. There is NOTHING LIKE IT!

There were self assessment tests given in MKE. Initial assessment was a 24…verified by a close friend who knows me well. Next assessment score without verification was a 26. A brief statement on the assessment test alluded to us being “on our way to achieving all of the riches you desire”.

It is as if new insights pop up daily like bubbles from no where. Unseen, unknown and now we feel as if we are finding anew a different type of creativity we hadn’t seen before.

From this journey have come the characters for Amy, YorkieBear and CharlieCat. All are ideas being played with as we write a weekly blog to soon become children’s books with stories that teach without preaching morals. All of us having fun at the same time as children do naturally.

Other insights are the release and understanding of deep resentments that were unknown that lived in our subconscious. In the beginning our guide, Danny Linkhert, dropped an allusion, ‘things hide in the subconscious’. Had no idea what that was about! Even some tears I found out just recently.icebergs-1711029_640

We are going deeper into the hero’s journey with a new door that has just opened to develop needed talents in business. The date to be set soon.

We have had people comment that we were intuitive even clairvoyant. (Needed to look up the meaning for clairvoyant! LOL) And since the release of deep resentments just yesterday our intuition has amazingly increased.

And better than all of the above we feel happier than we ever have. And an exceptional peace that has been with us for some time. These roses are symbols of Amy & Bear anew.icebergs-1711038_640

PS CharlieCat wants to know “What about me? Aren’t I anew too?”

Readers please look for Amy, YorkieBear and CharlieCat and their continued adventures next week.



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