MKE Wk19 YorkieBear Crow’s Nest


“Up you go YorkieBear into the crows nest to do the dogwatch”, said the captain of the sailing ship. (Definition of dog watch for you land lovers…a short, evening period of watch duty on a ship.) “You are watching for land because it is going to be rough seas tonight. And dog watch it is because you aren’t going to be up there long because the rough seas will throw you off into the roaring ocean”.

YorkieBear looked waaaaaaaaaaaay up to the crows nest. You would have thought he was a giraffe. And look at his thought bubble below he had become a giraffe.giraffe-2073609_640

YorkieBear could see a blood red circle around a giraffe. “Urrrrghhhh” he thought. He could just hear Amy telling him “as a man thinketh so is he”. YorkieBear had turned himself into a giraffe with his own thoughts. He was to blame for his own problems. He was in fear and had just become what he thought and had just read.

He had just read MKE lesson 19 and it said, “Fear is a powerful form of thought. It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood.”

YorkieBear knew the above was a true statement as all of his blood felt like it had drained out of his body. Inside he was as cold as ice. Then he remembered Charles Haanel writing, “the way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power”.

Just then again a quote from Haanel popped into his mind about having “powerful, constructive and positive” thoughts.

YorkieBear knew what he was going to do to get out of being a giraffe. He needed to do something constructive, powerful and positive. He scrunched up his lips and blew a kiss to the crows nest.

YorkieBear did it! He was giving positive love to the whole world. He  was flying just as a seagull would. He looked down from on high. He was flying, soaring, weaving and leaving red hearts of love all around.heart-1104639_640

YorkieBear will he ever make it to the crows nest? Or will he fly around telling everyone of all the love he has to give away? What is the Captain saying as he sees rough seas coming their way? What is going to happen to YorkieBear? Will love overcome fear?

PS YorkieBear says, “he wants to remind everyone Valentine’s Day is coming soon and to love on everyone.” Hugs and kisses from YorkieBear because he loves you and will see you next week.








16 thoughts on “MKE Wk19 YorkieBear Crow’s Nest

  1. I think there is a reason why they call it crow’s nest. Where there is a nest there is also love. Yorkie Bear will fly and land in the nest with all the love and he will se a beautiful shore which he tells the captain who will love Yorkie Bear so much so Yorkie Bear’s heart will just melt and he will totally forget to be afraid. Yorkie Bear loves praise for his good deeds so much and he will feel so confident from this. He gets so happy so he falls down from the crow’s nest, but the captain captures him in the arms and says: Bear, I love you, and Bear answers back: I love you too, Amy. Because the captain is Amy herself!


  2. Hi YorkieBear Amy ! I discover your blog today and your writing is so poetic, so wonderful ! I have received your hugs and kisses and return them to you and all the people here, on the Planet, that need it… Happy Valentine for everyone !


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