MKEwk20 YorkieBear’s Love 4 U


“Love is the only way we will make it this day”, said YorkieBear doing an MKE meditation. “Especially tomorrow as it is Valentine’s Day. Love will find a way for me, YorkieBear to get into the crow’s nest. I have been meditating waaaaaaaaaay to long on how to climb the mast. Need to “DO IT NOW” the MKE way.”

The captain of the ship walked out on the deck with his favorite food, peanut butter on a slice of bread.


YorkieBear’s olofactory senses went crazy. He loved peanut butter. “Hmmmm,” YorkieBear said to himself, “must have peanut butter.”

Then he saw the captain’s parot. PollyParot and YorkieBear were friends. YorkieBear sent a telepathic message to PollyParot ‘please distract the captain for a minute or two’.


“Incoming” PollyParot screached to the captain as SamSeagull flew overhead. The captain jumped and let go of his bread with peanut butter.

YorkieBear sent a telepathic message to SamSeagull ‘grab the bread with peanut butter and take it to the top of the mast and let it slide down the mast.” SamSeagull did just that.

“Great catch”, YorkieBear said as SamSeagull kept the bread with peanut butter from falling on the ship’s deck and simultaneously spread peanut butter on the tall mast.


“Thanks”, YorkieBear said to PollyParot and SamSeagull. He knew he was no longer behind the eight ball but on his way to the crow’s nest to give love to you the readers.balls-3142689_640

“With love anything can be done”, YorkieBear exclaimed as he dug in the tips of his ice skates into the mast. He had been watching the winter Olympics.  He skated his way up the mast while he licked his way to the top. “Love overcomes fear and especially my love for peanut butter”, YorkieBear said as he jumped into the crow’s nest.

“Now for your love”, YorkieBear exclaimed. “Happy Valentine’s Day from us, Amy and Bear”, and with one swoop he threw this out of the crow’s nest just for you all.

PS Readers please notice how the A and B are wrapped up in hearts just for you all. We can’t do this without you our faithful readers! Thank you with all of our love!







21 thoughts on “MKEwk20 YorkieBear’s Love 4 U

  1. (Smiling) You certainly have a flare for writing bear!
    Interesting how you weave in the Master Keys.
    Keep up the good work!

    Happy Valentines to You, Amy and the whole gang!


  2. Thank you so much for giving me a really good laugh! It seemes that Yorkie Bear has gotten a good grip on the MKMMA exercises.Just keep on loving and do it now!
    Happy Valentine’s day from me ❤


  3. Hey pretty lady. I have climbed the pole that looks like a mast. It was amazing it was through a course that I went in. It was the journey for each hand over hand leg pushed up from each nail that was there. There’s a metaphor for life climbing up the pole meant overcoming what we hold so when I got to the very top I succeeded with purpose why I claim this poll I love how you wrote your story your blog about your life keep up the journey it’s amazing it’s the same thing as climbing a mountain there was a purpose why were there people climb mountains we don’t know why they claim the times we do you are amazing thank you for being you, I appreciate this block


  4. Amy, thanks so much for this blog. to say I love the creativity and imagination with the learning weaved throughout is a massive understatement. I’m reminded of a requirement I had in college to pass a gymnastics course was to climb a rope to the ceiling. For a tall overweight guy with not a lot of upper-body strength, I couldn’t see me doing it or certainly believe I could do it. I wish I could have borrowed your imagination and YorkieBear to help me. It would have been a piece of cake. Great blog thanks….I finally felt the fear and climbed the rope.


  5. My love for peanut butter has made me do things outside my confort zone too! LOL

    Amy I enjoy your analogies and how Bear is such an avid observer and always is on top of something major.

    Thanks again for an outstanding entry!



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