MKEwk21 YorkieBear’s Swim


“YorkieBear remember to point out the land,” said the captain of the ship as he was trying to steer the ship through rough waters.

YorkieBear started to salute as he said “Aye, aye Captain.” Instead of saluting YorkieBear decided he needed to grip the mast tighter or he would be overboard in the ocean. He did remember the captain asking him if he could swim when he signed on with the ship. But right now he didn’t want to swim in these violent waves that were pounding the ship from side to side.

Right now YorkieBear was having a problem because of his ice skates. As the waves hit the ship YorkieBear kept going around the mast one way then when the ship shifted he would go the other way.

The captain looked up and could see YorkieBear going around and around in the crow’s nest. “What are you doing YorkieBear?”

“I’m practicing ice skating!” yelled YorkieBear.

The captain shook his head and said “keep looking for land so we don’t go aground and lose the ship and don’t forget to point it out the land. Yell at me.”

Just then a hug wave hit the ship so hard it shuddered and YorkieBear saw land at the same time. Out of the crow’s nest YorkieBear flew. “Captain there is land,” screamed YorkieBear as he pointed it out. YorkieBear was in the ocean and not alone either.


Looked like someone’s hand as he went deep in the ocean. He couldn’t breathe. He went deeper, deeper and deeper. Finally he came up…he had taken off the ice skates that were making him like an anchor. He thought, “what goes down comes up. Wasn’t that a law…like the law of gravity?”

“The Seven Laws,” he said out loud. “Law of Substitution, Law of Relaxation, Law of Practice, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Dual Thought, Law of Subconscious and Law of Growth.” He would have a positive mental attitude just like the MKEr’s did…he would live to tell of this day. Just then a floating object came by, he got on it and he was still.


The ship made it through to the harbor. Readers: “Where is YorkieBear?”









10 thoughts on “MKEwk21 YorkieBear’s Swim

  1. Yorkie Bear met a mermaid that found his ice skates while he was floating. She could not understand the use of them because she had only this beautiful tail and she had never seen ice. Yorkie Bear tried to explain to her, but his head was full with the seven laws of mind and staying positive so he gave up explaining after a while. Instead he start to think that she was beautiful so he asked her if she liked mice, since he wanted to know if she was a dog or a cat, or maybe a fish (he had never seen a mermaid before). Suddenly he noticed that he had floated close to the harbor and he could see the ship so he yelled for the captain. In the next second was the mermaid gone and Yorke Bear didn’t know if he dreamt it all. But he was proud the he still was focused on the seven laws of mind. The captain told him that they saved his Life.

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  2. Captivated and Carried Away, here. What’s that word ah, collaborate? Amy and Monica. A fun read. Thank you. Also, at your suggestion I read Oscar’s post. A sobering experience for anyone. Pray his doctors make correct decisions. Let us all …get into action and Do It Now. Keep Smiling.


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