MKEwk22 YorkieBear’s R & R


Our hero was last seen floating in the ocean…face down, totally still, on a floating object.

“YorkieBear why the roses?” asked SamSeagull as he flew overhead. He could see roses flying through the air in a vase. They looked like they were on a collison course for YorkieBear.

YorkieBear rolled slowly belly up…”Didn’t you hear Dr. Derek say go smell the roses and get some sunshine. Well I am getting a sun tan and the roses should be here anytime.”

Yep the roses were incoming. YorkieBear caught those as they flew by. However the vase caught YorkieBear right in the middle of his forehead and knocked him unconscious. The water splashed all over but none on YorkieBear or he might have come to life.

YorkieBear was drifting and it looked like around the

SamSeagull was frantic. He couldn’t lose his friend. Besides that he was going to be sunburned as red as a lobster even if SamSeagull could save his friend’s life.

(Did you think the next photo would be a lobster? Not on your life.)

How is SamSeagull going to save YorkieBear’s life?

PS Stay tuned for this action filled drama…how far can YorkieBear float and for how long? And will he live to tell his tail (hmmm tale)?


Is this the last photo we will see of Yorkie Bear?




16 thoughts on “MKEwk22 YorkieBear’s R & R

      1. Since this is the silence week for a lot of people perhaps your key found a houseboat and he didn’t have a propeller to propel him forward so we had to sit and ponder and relish in the silence when the storm passes there was a clear beautiful clean day the birds were singing and he had to reflect. Go into himself

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  1. Of course will he live! He is like Charlie the cat with many lives. Maybe will the mermaid save him, because he is so cute, maybe will he experience an adventure like in the myth with Jonah and the whale. Or maybe even something more fantastic. I really look forward to read how it goes for YorkieBear.


      1. I wouldn’t notice the misspelling if he wouldn’t tell me about it. I am eagerly waiting for what is coming up for Yorkie Bear. Only one thing am I sure of and that is that he will continue to experiences marvellous adventures.

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