MKEwk22a YorkieBear’s Silence


“Wow that was a powerful hit,” YorkieBear sat up rubbing his forehead where the glass vase hit him. (Readers: Sometimes it takes a powerful trauma to wake us up and hopefully that has happened for YorkieBear. Time will tell.)

SamSeagull flew over YorkieBear saying, “YorkieBear you are up. How can I help you? Did you know you have been silent for almost two days?”

“No, all I know is my head hurts. And I feel sunburned. I’m thirsty.” YorkieBear started to scoop up sea water to drink.

SamSeagull dive bombed YorkieBear’s paw before he could drink. “We need to get you to shore for fresh water. Ocean water is not safe to drink. It will hurt you worse than you are now.” I will be right back…just stay where you are…and do the MKE sit “laying” down.

SamSeagull flew over to the nearby lagoon. From the air he spotted Ali. Ali was an alligator. “Ali I have a friend who needs help NOW. Will you please give him a ride to shore?”

“Of course SamSeagull,” said AliGator. “Better introduce me so your friend isn’t afraid of me.”


SamSeagull flew in front of AliGator. AliGator was very fast and got there really quick. SamSeagull was totally surprised.

“YorkieBear this is my friend AliGator. He is going to give you a ride to the shore. See those humps and bumps on AliGator’s back. Hang onto them and we will have you to safety in no time. With all the fresh water you can drink.”

‘Whoosh’ YorkieBear splashed into the ocean as he got off the floating object and onto AliGator’s back. “I am holding on tight AliGator…let’s go.” And off they went with SamSeagull in the lead.

“Right here by where the ships dock. See the wharf AliGator,” said SamSeagull. “YorkieBear just a hop, skip and a jump and you will be on solid ground.”

And that is how Amy found YorkieBear….on the wharf cornered…with a dog snarling at YorkieBear. Amy scolded the bigger dog and said, “You leave him alone he is going home with me.” So the two of them left the wharf together. YorkieBear grateful to be in Amy’s arms.

And dear readers that is how Amy and Bear came to be a team. Amy took YorkieBear home. She gave him good water and food. And with all of Amy’s love YorkieBear healed quickly.

And YorkieBear was forever grateful that he had the glass vase hit him on the head. It woke him up to his true focus in life. His place was to be with Amy not out on the sea or on a ship.

What adventures will YorkieBear and Amy have together now that he has found himself after almost two day’s of silence that aligned his true purpose in life? A crystal ball with roses? Is that a hint or just a pretty sight for Bear’s blood shot eyes?












10 thoughts on “MKEwk22a YorkieBear’s Silence

  1. Thank you for sharing. Creative and entertaining. I am super happy, that you are happy, healthy, whole and laughing with outrageous joy.
    Much love and Aloha


  2. I’m glad you could “bear” it and got back safely, in peace and harmony; I can “bearly” wait until we can MKE together.


  3. Using the law of substitution and dual thought, Yorkie riding Aligator turned fear, anger, guilt, unworthiness, and hurt feelings into a positive in the arms of Amy. She is the Hero. And so, for Amy and Yorkie Bear…the sun is gonna come up tomorrow! Or, … everything is coming up roses. Thanks Amy!


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