MKEwk23 YorkieBear Reads


YorkieBear with his glasses on reads from Og Mandino ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’. From his mouth come, “If I persist, if I continue to try, if I continue to charge forward, I will succeed.”

“Do It Now” rings in YorkieBear’s ears.

“Amy here I come,” yells YorkieBear as he charges and jumps in the air headed for the bed with all of his 12 pound body.


In YorkieBear’s mouth one of his favorite toys…a tennis ball!

His silent message “I want to play BALL…now!”

YorkieBear Amy says, “Can’t you just leave me alone and let me sleep…please?”

“No Amy you need to get out of bed now…and play with me!” said YorkieBear

“Didn’t you hear me read Og just now…’I persist, I succeed'” as YorkieBear bit one of Amy’s toes. “It’s Sunday morning Amy and you don’t want to be late for tribe call,” YorkieBear said.

“YorkieBear I will make tribe call on  time” said Amy.

Did Amy make tribe call on time? What happened to YorkieBear?st-valentines-day-3148596_640





15 thoughts on “MKEwk23 YorkieBear Reads

  1. Yeah YorkieBear is focused…so well focused that yesterday morning…he usually is in the lead first thing in the morning as he wants to go out…couldn’t find him…turned around and he was doing jumps on the bed…as it was his trampoline!!! This morning he was barking and barking and more…’til I moved a piece of furniture to see what was underneath…nothing…he was playing another game with me…spring has sprung and so has YorkieBear!


  2. Hi amy if you want to still keep in contact we can Marco Polo if you want 403-201-5835 Cindy. I want a mastermind and I want to stay on this journey with you guys you’re an amazing person Amy


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