MKEwk24 YorkieBear’s Friends


Knock, knock, knock on the front door.

“YorkieBear I got up all last night and answered the door. I am busy in the kitchen just now. (She hadn’t told YorkieBear but she was preparing a simple baking soda toothpaste for brushing his teeth.) You get the door. It is probably that pesky tree branch hitting the door because of the wind anyway,” Amy said turning her back away from the front door.

So YorkieBear hopped up on the chair next to the front door. He could answer the door because he had taught himself how. First … jump. Second … hang onto the lever type door handle. Third … swing his twelve pounds into action. Fourth … the door would open.

“Amy you are right must be the wind” as he landed back on the chair, “no one is there.”

Amy turned around at that time and screamed! YorkieBear couldn’t see what she saw. It was an alligator and he looked like he was going to eat CharlieCat.


YorkieBear looked down when he heard Amy scream. “Don’t worry Amy. It’s just my friend who saved my life when he gave me an ocean ride to the wharf.”

Ali-Gator opened his mouth even wider and grinned. “Hi there YorkieBear! Just dropped by to tell you  all about the big storm that is brewing. You all need to get safe.”

YorkieBear said, “Thanks Ali-Gator. Mighty thoughtful of you. Would you mind shutting the front door?”

Ali-Gator swung into action with his big tail. The door closed with a bang.

Amy was very relieved. “Ali-Gator would you please stay with us for a while so you are safe too.” She smiled too herself…Ali-Gator’s teeth would get brushed too!

Ali-Gator answered, “Of course I will. I am amongest friends now. I know it.”

With that Amy, YorkieBear, Ali-Gator and CharlieCat ask, “Will you, our MKE family and friends and other readers stay with us for awhile? We will continue to write this blog as we go to a hosted blog and eventually as finances avail to find and pay artists to illustrate our children’s books?”


Amy asks in a stage whisper, “Or at least hang around for the action as teeth get brushed? Shhh don’t tell them what I am going to do! I will treat each one of them with a red rose when I am done! No sweets in our house to start cavities.”






25 thoughts on “MKEwk24 YorkieBear’s Friends

  1. Bear, Ali, and Amy! Your childrens books will be great! Thank you for your many contributions to the MKE. You gave generously and you are in the dynamic flow. You have so got this Amy. Keep Smiling!


  2. Hi Amy ! Oh yes I will stay and read the others post and books you will write / edit ! I love all the animals living together = all the parts of you / us, it is how I understand it. See you soon Amy and thank you for all the stories you gave!


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