MKEWk25 YorkieBear’s Leaving?!!!


Amy said out loud, “I feel a breeze!” Her dress ruffled out around her body.

Ali-Gator said, “Would you like me to close the door?”

“Yes, please close the door. How did the door get open? ,” Amy replied.

“YorkieBear stood on that chair, jumped up and hung on that door lever and it opened.” Ali-Gator’s huge tail swung into action and the door slammed.

“Did YorkieBear say anything to you?” Amy asked.

“Yes…he kind of sang ‘he was leaving on a jet plane didn’t know when he would be back again’, something about a horn and a taxi. He also wanted to know if he could have some of my skin?” I said, “No way!” When I said, “No,” he said, “How can I pack my bags?”

“Amy all of that was kind of weird. I use my skin to keep me warm and held together. I gave him one of your canvas shopping bags and he packed it. I hope you don’t mind me doing that without asking you?”

“Ali-Gator I wish you had something to me. Maybe I could have stopped YorkieBear from leaving,” sobbed Amy.

“He will be back Amy,” Ali-Gator said calmly.

“No he is gone. He was really upset about me brushing his teeth. I know I should have given him lamb treats after I brushed his teeth. I lost my sweetheart,” moaned Amy. “My hearts breaking into little pieces. And it did.”

As a man thinketh so is he…and she broke into little hearts.


“I can feel my heart’s flame sputtering. I feel so bad. YorkieBear is gone.” Amy was crying so hard she was shaking. A river of tears was sweeping down her face.

“Amy he will be back,” Ali-Gator repeated two more times. Very loud the last time so Amy would hear and stop the tears. Ali-Gator thought to himself, “I can’t stand females who cry. It hurts me!”

Amy looked up through eyes red and wet with tears, “How do you know he will be back?’

Ali-Gator showed this to Amy. “He left this!”bake-1239114_640-e1518552468782.jpg

Peanut butter on bread was almost YorkieBear’s favorite food. He had fixed it and left it on the kitchen counter.

A big smile broke out on Amy’s face. She wiped away the tears. She would see YorkieBear once more. He would be back! No more time for crying. She used her tears on the floor to continue mopping it. “Everything can be recycled,” she said out loud including tears.

Dear Reader can you suggest ways for Amy to convice YorkieBear to stay when he comes back for his peanut butter. She needs your help.












9 thoughts on “MKEWk25 YorkieBear’s Leaving?!!!

  1. Bear will miss the day-to-day life with you Amy so he will come back soon, and he will stay. It was difficult for him to live by his own. He went straight to the butcher and asked for lamb but the butcher told him to go away and to go home. I think he is on his way right now. Do you have lamb home, Amy? Otherwise I strongly recommend you to have it!


  2. Hey Amy and Yorkie Bear ! I am sure he will come back, he has some experiences to live by itself, now that he had learned so much ! Maybe lamb is not enough now ! But he learned so much from / with you, so I am sure he will come back ! You love each other don’t you ? Big kisses to you both and Ali-Gator and Happy Easter to you all !


  3. I don’t think YorkieBear really needs lamb. (It can be expensive!) I think he just needs a nightly peanut butter sandwich, and lots and lots of love. It’s what the Beatles sang so many years ago…”All you need it love.” Love fills us with a light that even the runaway Bear can’t resist.


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