MKEWk26 YorkieBear’s Taxi


“Ali-Gator it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!” YorkieBear was jumping up and down like a jumping bean. “This business is going to take us to new heights! It is so exciting and I am so enthuuuuuusiatic just like Mark J. Come on Ali-Gator let me show you how we are going to do this.”

“First off we need to get you on all fours…you know ‘four on the floor’. Laying around looking good for the girls isn’t going to make us any money. Help me…you are heavy,” YorkieBear said as he got Ali-Gator standing up. “Now slowly raise that tail as I walk onto it.”

“YorkieBear you are looking good and riding high,” said Ali-Gator as he turned to look at YorkieBear.

“We are going to cruise the streets and advertise that we have a taxi business,” YorkieBear said.

Ali-Gator just stood there with his tail up and YorkieBear on it. Then he flipped YorkieBear off on the ground and said, “You need to pay me first! No pay…no work!”

YorkieBear thought to himself, “Wow I never expected this. What am I going to do to make this happen?”

“Ok Ali-Gator you like peanut butter on bread as much as I do. At the end of your work day I will give you my peanut butter on bread. How is that for a smoking hot deal?”

“That’s a deal…YorkieBear,” and Ali-Gator put his feet in action. “Freedom run!” Ali-Gator burned rubber so hot he scorched his right rear foot. “Great traction!” Ali-Gator said out loud.


A police cruiser was behind Ali-Gator and YorkieBear. The officer got out and wrote Ali-Gator a speeding ticket. They hadn’t made any money yet and already they owed for a speeding ticket. Looks like Ali-Gator is in YorkieBear’s dog house.


Reader’s this looks pretty serious how are Ali-Gator and YorkieBear going to get out of this one?




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