MKEWk27 YorkieBear’s Huddle


“Ok Ali-Gator and CharlieCat it is time to put our heads together in a huddle which is the same as an MMA. We got to come up with some workable plan to get us out of the dog house. We need to make some money to pay the speeding ticket Ali-Gator got,” said YorkieBear in a hushed voice.

“What is going on that you three are whispering?” asked Amy.

“Nothing,” grinned CharlieCat as he whispered to YorkieBear and Ali-Gator. An idea had exploded that CharlieCat hadn’t shared yet with the other two.kitten-2230113_640

As soon as Amy was out of hearing distance CharlieCat said, “A light bulb went off in my head. We are going to take Ali-Gator and run him at the illegals.”

“The illegals? Isn’t that illegal?” asked YorkieBear.

CharlieCat said, “Only if you get caught. A friend told me about them sometime ago. He made more money at the illegals than he did running his race car at the drag strip.”

Ali-Gator said, “I knew we could up with some kind of idea. I am in for it.  I am getting claustrophobia in that dog house. We can pay the ticket before the judge orders me to jail. Only problem is you know the last time when I got the ticket my right rear paw was burning hot. It’s healed now. Anybody got any ideas how to put out the fire when I race at the illegals?”

Ok readers can you all help Ali-Gator out? (Shhhhhhhhh don’t say anything to Amy about  any of the plans or she will put all three in the dog house for sure!)alligator-44611_640



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