MKEWk28 Yorkie Bear’s Huddle2

butterfly-2702381_640 (1)

“Come here,” YorkieBear said to Ali-Gator and CharlieCat. “See the butterflies above they represent my thoughts and what I have been reading from Og Mandino….We need to Master Mind/huddle again!”

“Do I truly know whence I came or whither I am bound?” That is an excerpt from Og Mandino ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’.

“Ali-Gator, yes, we know you can run. But what we don’t know is what it will cost us. Illegal sounds illegal. So CharlieCat back to the ‘thinking’ board again for making money for Ali’s speeding ticket.


CharlieCat started dancing, “I got it! I got it! I got it!”

In unison, YorkieBear and Ali-Gator said, “What do you have?”

“It’s the best idea yet,” said CharlieCat. “We are going to the horse races!”

“Ok, CharlieCat what are we going to do at the horse races?” YorkieBear asked.

“Well we already know that Ali-Gator has extreme focus. So, we put you YorkieBear on Ali-Gator as the jockey,” answered CharlieCat. “Ali-Gator does his freedom run again. No police on the track. So we are safe.”


“It’s a winner of an idea…we come into the winner’s circle and win roses…Amy will love us all! Aren’t we just the smartest?” said YorkieBear.










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