MKEWk29 YorkieBear’s Huddle3


“Ring, ring, ring…hello yes this is Ali-Gator. Hmmm…let me check Louie,” said Ali-Gator.

Holding his hand over the phone so Louie couldn’t hear him talk to YorkieBear. Ali-Gator said, “YorkieBear this is my famous kissing cousin, LouieLizard. He is the best and he knows how to make money. He is a famous promoter. Can I invite him to our huddle/MMA?”

“Well of course Ali-Gator. Give him directions and tell him to come over,” YorkieBear said.


“This is our lucky day,” YorkieBear said to Ali-Gator and CharlieCat. “Finally the tides starting to turn our way. We all must have been thinking in harmony. Maybe LouieLizard can help us pay Ali-Gator’s speeding ticket since it sounds like he has money.”

Knock, Knock, Knock! Ali-Gator opened the door and his kissing cousin LouieLizard stepped in and danced around. “I am the greatest, you are too! I will teach you how to make money just like I do!”

All three, Ali-Gator, CharlieCat and YorkieBear, groaned in unison. He wasn’t going to give them any money!

“Help me, help you,” Louie Lizard said instead.

YorkieBear rubbed his chin…”heard or seen that somewhere”, he said thinking outloud.

“What do you like to do?” LouieLizard asked all three and said, “You first Ali-Gator, then CharlieCat and then YorkieBear.

Ali-Gator said, “Freedom runs.”

CharlieCat said, “Light bulbs are my speciality…see I just put myself in one…to make lots of ideas come out of my brain.”


“OK, last but not least YorkieBear what do you like to do?” asked LouieLizard.

YorkieBear just looked at LouieLizard and said, “I am not sure.”

LouieLizard gulped hard and said “OK.” Anybody here have any ideas what YorkieBear is good at?” This includes you too reader…please give YorkieBear help.



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