“Us” is what this blog is about. “Us” is Amy and Bear a 6 year old Yorkie who came to me 14 weeks old with the name JetdiBear. He will only answer to the name Bear (had to drop the Jetdi from his name) but has the personality of a Jedi and Dennis the Menace all wrapped up in his red multi-colored striped Dennis the Menace T-shirt. He has run the household since he was 14 weeks old however now about a month ago MKE/MKMMA took over in our household. So now I am in charge of the household…sometimes. This blog is about our “Keys” lifestyle and what wonderful changes are happening. Right Bear? “Don’t bother me Amy I am doing my MKE sit/meditation right now…expect my lamb treats…no excuses”. Soon expect an avatar…whose picture mine or Bear the Yorkie?