MKEWk17HJ YorkieBear’s Dilemma

“YorkieBear you have a dilemma”, said Amy. YorkieBear told Amy, “Amy yeah I can see it…THE LEMON…big juicy and yellow.” (Reader: Please say ‘DILEMMA’ and ‘THE LEMON’ out loud. Then give us your response below in the comments section.) YorkieBear said, “My telepathy is turned up all the way and I can see that you, […]

MKE Wk17 Yorkie Bear ‘n THE Cat!!

“YorkieBear I got Charlie the cat just for us,” said Amy. “Charlie can teach the mouse and you how to play chess.” YorkieBear turns his telepathy powers on and reads Charlies mind. Charlie is saying in his mind to the mouse ‘when I win I am going to eat you’. Then YorkieBear reads the mind […]

WK16 MKE YorkieBear and THE Cat!

“This is what will happen if we get a cat”, Bear told Amy. ” But everybody says we should get a cat!”, Amy told Bear. “I won’t have my Many Lively Mice teaching your cat to play chess Amy! This is what THE cat should be doing.” ” Amy, The cat should be outside doing […]

Wk15MKE YorkieBear On Fire!

‘Don’t tell me I can’t do this’ YorkieBear is internalizing inside himself. He feels himself ready to explode again.  He is on fire! His anger is like red hot flames! YorkieBear knows he is in danger. He needs to take fast action! He takes a deep breath and holds it while he counts to 10. […]