MKEwk22a YorkieBear’s Silence

“Wow that was a powerful hit,” YorkieBear sat up rubbing his forehead where the glass vase hit him. (Readers: Sometimes it takes a powerful trauma to wake us up and hopefully that has happened for YorkieBear. Time will tell.) SamSeagull flew over YorkieBear saying, “YorkieBear you are up. How can I help you? Did you […]

MKEwk22 YorkieBear’s R & R

Our hero was last seen floating in the ocean…face down, totally still, on a floating object. “YorkieBear why the roses?” asked SamSeagull as he flew overhead. He could see roses flying through the air in a vase. They looked like they were on a collison course for YorkieBear. YorkieBear rolled slowly belly up…”Didn’t you hear […]

MKEwk21 YorkieBear’s Swim

“YorkieBear remember to point out the land,” said the captain of the ship as he was trying to steer the ship through rough waters. YorkieBear started to salute as he said “Aye, aye Captain.” Instead of saluting YorkieBear decided he needed to grip the mast tighter or he would be overboard in the ocean. He […]

MKEwk20 YorkieBear’s Love 4 U

“Love is the only way we will make it this day”, said YorkieBear doing an MKE meditation. “Especially tomorrow as it is Valentine’s Day. Love will find a way for me, YorkieBear to get into the crow’s nest. I have been meditating waaaaaaaaaay to long on how to climb the mast. Need to “DO IT […]

MKE Wk19 YorkieBear Crow’s Nest

“Up you go YorkieBear into the crows nest to do the dogwatch”, said the captain of the sailing ship. (Definition of dog watch for you land lovers…a short, evening period of watch duty on a ship.) “You are watching for land because it is going to be rough seas tonight. And dog watch it is […]

MKE Wk 18 Amy & Bear Anew

Not knowing what Masters Keys Experience was is a big eye opener for us. In hindsight it has been an incredible journey of unknowns that have become seen in surprising ways. From it have come new creativity, release of major unknown resentments, increase in intuition, increased happiness and more incredible peace. We are as a […]