Press Release for Amy Swift

Amy Swift is being interviewed by Richard Rogers for his book, “The Life and Times of Extraordinary People”. His book is about successful people and how they accomplished their life story.

How did your journey start Amy?

Richard as always it started with a vision in my head.

What was the vision Amy?

The vision was of ships on an ocean. The ships were overflowing with jewels. Many multi-colored jewels transformed as dolphins and otters played with all of the jewels. The otters and their half shells full of pearls with red, blue, green jewels mixed with gold. Many times, I would see these visions especially when I would do the MKE sit. for 15 minutes. Bear the Yorkie would join in his own unique way…licking my fingers, barking at me, or his feet on my legs. These visions would also show up randomly in my mind and in the real world at the same time. Especially during the months of Master Keys Master Mind Alliance or MKMMA…Master Keys Experience or MKE. This unusual set of “keys” made me aware of a world within me that I had never seen which actually manifested itself in reality. The jewels and the sea creatures traveled around the world keeping myself and Bear my Yorkie company. Finally, we found an outlet that led us inland up a river. The jewels were transported to barges that were pulled by horses up the river as the dolphins and otters traveled in canoes with me. At the river bend the jewels were transferred by horse to my home. They were brought up above the KOI ponds and lay on a sparkling expanse of sand that glittered as with diamonds. The bed, blue, green jewels and gold sparkled along with the silvery sand diamonds.

Where are the jewels now?

Oh, they come out of storage at just the right time. They have paid for my beautiful river bend residence which is backed up by the blue gray mountains in Arizona. They continue to pay for musicians I practice with. They actually “rain” down at just the right for expenses and to also pay to complete health restoration for people involved in Nutritional Balancing who need extra financial help. They also enjoy filling in the colored stripes of the Yorkie Bear’s favorite striped T-shirt. And his harness of course with matching leash. He is quite the fashion model!

What is this world within you?

The world within me is the world that is manifested by the world around me. It is manifested with words, emotions, dreams, people all created by the subconscious. This is a very rich world within me that has shown up and was activated by the MKMMA course that lasted 10 months. There many small word and symbol exercises that extrapolated into larger exercises that my subconscious used to create this world within that is being displayed in the world without. For example my beautifully landscaped beige stucco home, terraced organic gardens, landscaping with pink blossomed Mandevillas, pink vinca blossoms, orange blossomed succulents, red geraniums and trailing rosemary. The arch covered paths replete with trained climbing red roses that lead to the river bend and the cottonwood groves. Yellow blooms from the cat’s claw that cover the garden patios with nearby koi pond warm mineral water pool. Yorkie Bear walks the edge of the koi pond, then goes into an MKE sit as he visualizes his fresh fish dinner and then falls asleep in the warm sun.

What do you mean by manifestation?

What my subconscious creates with my mind comes out in my world. For example, I prepared a Definite Main Purpose for my life. This DMP created with words and emotions the life I live now. My purpose in the DMP started creating itself as if I was riding an ocean wave…and the waves just kept getting larger and larger. From simple statements regarding speaking to people using 54 second presentations came a large river of income with many streams. People came out of nowhere to fulfill my Definite Main Purpose. I have been in the right place at the right time. It is as the phrase my mother used to say “I have never seen someone get into so much trouble and come out smelling like a rose.” Or as a mail man of mine once said, “Rags to riches”.

It is rumored that you help many people.

As always perspective changes depending upon who is doing the looking. I believe many people help many just as I do. We find a need and fulfill it…sometimes with words, actions or even money. I live my life as I would like to be treated. If I help someone I don’t expect anything in return. Well wait a minute yes, I do in a way. I want that person to be a better person for our encounter. Just as the same in my DMP I want YorkieBear and I to be better also because of the MKMMA/MKE experience same as the people around us we want them to better because of us.